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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  May 29, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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can expect as they slide over to the right in oakland.... and the presid watch where you drive on the bay bridge. what drivers can expect as they slide to the right in oakland. the president heads to missouri getting a first hand look at the devastation from last weekend's tornado. the slow painful process of identifying victim. >> sarah palin going on tour. our political insiders give us a scoop on the gop for the white house and how palin make as difference whether she is in or out of the race. 7:30 a.m., sunday may 29th. i am ann makovec phil matier has the morning off. >> i am jim bernard in to take a look at the rest of your weekend pattern after a soggy
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evening hour. >> you were surprised. >> there was a puddle sitting on top of the bay last night left a quarter inch of drizzle shower activity across the region. not enough to green up the hills we are looking at brown or the beginning of the brown conversion out there, barbecuing this weekend, a big kick off to your summer festivities here, fire danger is not a big issue none the less see, the seasons are changing once again we will use caution in and around the dry grasses and local hills as we look for clear and breezy conditions to develop today into tomorrow. >> thanks jim first topping our news a violent weekend in san jose as police investigate the 22nd murder of the year last night, a 35-year-old woman was found dead on ambler way she had been shot. 30 minutes later a 20-year-old man arrived at a santa clara
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hospital because he also had been shot in the same area where police found the woman. police are interviewing him to find out if those two shootings were connected. new this morning hayward police searching for a nursing student who didn't make it back to class last night. she is 26 years old, taking a nursing course at kaiser hospital and she was there in hayward friday night students say she mentioned a plan to go to reno after the class. well, during the break she left the room and never came back. officers say her car did leave the hospital parking lot, it was found a few blocks away she is not answering her phone. an update to the breaking news we covered last night at 11, the bomb squad has given the all clear signal in the castro district after officers found a suspicious bag near 18th and castro. a bomb squad blocked off the area the bag was fake and they opened the area to traffic.
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drivers last night as they come off the bridge in the eastbound direction are using a new 1,000-foot section of roadway it requires drivers to jog slightly right as they hit land in oakland. cal tran put inanimation on cal we have it on they are not planning to slow traffic but some eastbound lanes are shut down tonight 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. after some big closure it is past couple labor days and problems with the s curve, cal trans is take no chances with this new change. >> whenever we text mainline 0 we have to take extra -- effect mainline 80 we have to take extra caution, making sure
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people understand their shift will change. the shift is part of an effort to speed up construction on the new eastern span. a major defense contractor said it suffered a cyber attack by hackers lock heed martin calls it significant and tenacious. no sensitive data involving customers, employees or programs has been compromised the defense department says the impact on the pentagon is minimal. lock heed marten detected the attack last weekend. remembering the 900 victims to have jones town massacre. this memorial has been locked in a 30 year old legal fight the issue whether the memorial should include the name jim jones he was of course the
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leader of the san francisco based cult, people's temple and he ordered the mass suicide murder in guyana in 1978 on thursday a judge denied a lawsuit that aimed to block jones name. some of the victims relatives say they will continue the fight to have his name erased from the memorial. >> an airman from northern california killed in afghanistan, the 32-year-old from citrus heights died when an impro vised explosive device detonated in kandahar he had been in afghanistan since january he was due to return home this summer. today marked one week since a tornado ripped through joplin missouri this morning president obama is set to get a closer look at damage and meet with survivorvictims families, a look at the slow, painful process of identifying the victims. >> reporter: the family of will norton is just beginning to
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grieve. loved ones were told by authorities late friday the teens body had been identified. >> there is no way that you could not be touched seeing this beautiful face of this perfect child. >> reporter: the teens seat belt snapped he was sucked out or ejected from the vehicle his body was found in a nearby pond >> i can't tell you how difficult it is to be out there searching every day and worried we would miss him and pass by him. >> reporter: for other missouri families the search for loved ones continue. lyndsey is trying to find her sister melissa. >> i cry myself to sleep every night. >> reporter: crews continue to look for survivors but the chance of finding anyone alive is dwindling. >> with the area as big as it is and large as it is, i am
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certain there are more remains to be found. >> they have 140 body that he is are trying to identify. a long process but necessary. >> loved ones will want to be sure that the person that they buried is truly their mother, their father, daughter, son. >> reporter: they hope to have all the bodies identified soon. for cbs news. this year in the u.s. at least 520 people have been killed by tornadoes, the highest tornado related death toll since the 1950s that number is sure to rise with 105 people still unaccounted for in joplin. a fiery emergency on an atlanta tarmac flameblack smoke spewed from a delta jet that touched down from pittsburgh yesterday. four of the 49 passengers onboard were injured. delta says that an over heated brake caused the fire but the
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faa thinks a tire blew on landing it will be take on the a maintenance facility. an explosion in north carolina set off a big fire no one was inside but thick black smoke filled the air evacuations were ordered for two miles around. two firefighters were injured fighting that fire. pack up, saying goodbye to the international space station endeavor closed the hatch link between the station and shuttle. set to fly home wednesday marking the end of its final mission. vta will recognize memorial day with a national moment of remembrance. bus and light rail vehicles in service will stop at safe locations around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon for a minute passengers and operators can take a moment to reflect and show gratitude they will
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operate on a sunday holiday schedule tomorrow. the politics of medicare and republican jobs plan will be key issues on face the nation. harry smith talk being the second ranking -- talking with the second ranking position and that is coming up right after this broadcast 8:30 a.m. here on cbs 5. a little more details on the weather jim yesterday i have to say, i said it is going to rain and i am concerned you said no, don't worry about your outdoor plans it is all good. now some body might be eating crow. >> eating crow. i lied. i meant to do that. no. actually the rain showers were isolated to the immediate bay area, over on to the east bay elsewhere not much in the way of rain but we did see a couple hours of wet drizzle activities, that is gone now, honest as we see clear skies
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developing across the bay, details coming up next. that picture was proof enough. details on sarah palin's new tour where she may be setting up campaign headquarters. >> how she factors in the gop race for the white house. a warning for pool fans this holiday weekend, potential danger for entrapment and drowning in swimming pools. we will be right back [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today.
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country are scra 7:42 a.m. thousands of owneroperators of private and public swimming pools across the country scrambling to address a safety recall. consumer product safety commission recalled over 1 million pool and spa drain covers they could trap and drown swimmers. how the fix has to be in or the pools will be closed. >> reporter: hundreds of children drown every year, one of the culprits the drain cover
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at the bottom of the pool. >> parents are there, helpless, screaming, yelling, trying to pull their child off and can't. >> that is because once your body creates a seal over the drain cover. >> there is a force 500 pounds. >> reporter: due to accidents like this, flat covers were recalled from public pools in 2008. now just days before the memorial day start of pool season, they are recalling 1 million new drain covers because they pose the same threat. a bunch of people at the kiddie pool. >> reporter: that has people making last minute adjustments. >> we had a diver go in and change the felt tore a dome cover. >> reporter: thanks to complex -- cover to a -- they changed the cover to a dome cover. >> reporter: thanks to complex reasons, they will not all make the changes. those with two and no back up systems, don't have to change the cover. >> it was a compromise between
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the attorneys of the pool industry, and the united states consumer product safety commission. >> they only had to recall one third. >> reporter: a spokesman called that claim false and baseless and said it is based on scientific testing but whether the pool has one drain or two any cover without a dome of safety like this, could be deadly. >> if you reach across the child wedge your fingers in here where they are sucked down and peel them off they will pop off. >> reporter: unfortunately most people try to fight that 500 pounds of force and lose a loved one pennington says the former head of the cpsc are questioning the cpsc recall he believes they will take action to expand it. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> that is scary. >> that is a real serious
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issue. >> not really pool weather around here. >> more like hot tub weather. cool, slightly warmer today, well below normal for this time of year. degreeses cooler than you normally expect skies clearing out as we saw some light drizzle shower activity yesterday, move across northern california, it is gone. sunshine prevails as we look back from the mount vacca cam into the bay a bit of haze otherwise blue skies out there. that trend will continue through the day as strong winds develop through the afternoon mostly sunny slightly warmer conditions, across the interior, back at the beach as well. mid-to low 70s. warmer locations, mid- to upper 60s approaching the low 60s at the coach, a few more clouds hanging in. here is the weather maker that crossed yesterday. most energy stayed north, we did manage to hang on to a puzzle here you will see it there, 4 to 6 last night we saw
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a couple hairs of drizzle activity -- hours of drizzle activity. left a quarter inch of rain. continuing today and tomorrow gusty witness stands developing out of the north, 15 to 20-mile an hour range winds settling down tomorrow but breezy across the region which will maintain the cool temperatures across the area here. pretty much through the week we will be well below normal, snow shower activity will wind down in high country, today there were chains required, yesterday, across i-80, more sunshine to develop through the high country across the bay temperatures slightly warmer mid-to low 70s for the interior back at the bay, mid-to upper 60s and upper 50s to mid-60s on the peninsula as once again we see temperatures warming slightly over yesterday's cool trend with the coolness prevailing, through the week we will bump up a degree or two,
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stay warm, or on the warm side tomorrow then cool off to mid- week as we see another disturbance head our way with more drizzle shower activity expected most of the rain with this system will remain north but as has been the trend we will be on the southern edge of it and likely pick up precipitation, although it will be minimal this time of year as you would expect cool temperatures will likely prevail through mid-week as we warm into next weekend holding the rain off to the north into early next week. plan on the coolness to continue,. >> okay no outdoor plans ruined i know a lot of people planning barbecues today and tomorrow. >> i will say nothing. >> he is not willing to go on record any longer. >> not the first time i have missed a forecast. >> you were close. >> very close. >> thanks jim. former massachusetts governor mitt romney expected to announce plans to jump into
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the presidential race. a new gallup poll showing how the gop race will shape up. he has sarah palin nipping at his heels with 15%. newt gingrich earning 9%. palin has not announced officially whether she will run and kicking off her one nation tour today. she is headed to washington dc today, eventually she will visit new hampshire which holds the first presidential primary and bought a $1.7 million home in arizona. aids suggested that could eventually serve as a campaign hub. >> as the gop race for the white house is shaping up political insiders examine what it takes for any candidate to stand out from the crowd some say the line between reality tv and politics has become blurry. phil joining us now with former mayor willie brown and joe
7:49 am
garafoli. >> hold that thought. hold that thought. well, good morning and joining us for a little special talk is joe, san francisco chronicle reporter he covers media and politics and our own political expert mayor willie brown. gentlemen, sarah palin is out on the road, going to new hampshire is she running for president? >> i don't think so. i don't think so at this point for number one, she hasn't hired any major staff. number two, people don't like her if you look at the poll even republicans don't like her she has a high negative rating and two thirds of the country don't think she is fit to be president. she is pumping up her book fees or speaking fees. >> i don't think that effects sarah palin at all the fact they don't like her, the fact her poll numbers are where they are, sarah palin is like the female version of donald trump she is marketing sarah palin she will run for president if
7:50 am
the marketing makes sense from the stand point of all those things you talked about her previous book the second book went right in the toilet almost day out it was gone and she needs to get something about that career although that reality show got renewed she is a $20 million a year entity. >> this whole republican line up is blurring the lines between politics and reality tv. trump came in, newt gingrich, mitt romney, he is only clocking in 17% and he is the front runner followed by sarah palin >> first of all phil there is no front runner he may be a front jogger or walker but if you are 20% you are here with us. >> this is a reality show the world's most boring reality
7:51 am
show. 25% of those republicans don't like any of those people. >> what do you think when they get out there, is it going to be afghanistan, economy or medicare? >> among the republicans. >> anti obama republicans are stuck permanently in what worked last november running for election to congress all you had to be was anti barack obama they believe that reservoir of bad will still exists among republicans. >> if palin gets in she pulls everybody to the right. >> yeah, that is the interesting thing what effect does sarah palin have on the race. >> she kills pollenty he is like the semi adult in the room, biggest upside and if she comes into the race she will take all the evangelicals he needs to win iowa or show
7:52 am
decently to get a chance. >> even if she doesn't run is she the biggest player in the room. >> the major player among all republicans she has been in the last series of elections all congressional types were eager to have her come back. >> final question, of the republican line up, if the election were held today who would be the biggest threat to barack obama? >> none of them really i would say none of them i would say polenti if i go with anyone. >> christy would be the guy. >> governor of utah. >> he is like middle ground. republican primary [ overlapping voices ] >> okay obviously we will have to come back and talk with these guys more about all this but in the meantime we are out of time back to you ann. >> coming up next half hour, we will have those same guys back
7:53 am
sounding off on governor brown and states politics, a look at what may change the balance of power here in california. >> also next in sports cal softball one step closer to college world series how the giants found themselves on the bad end of this suicide squeeze. smoky situation that forced baseball fans the give up their nose bleed seats down in l.a. we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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milwaukee, the giants found themselves suicide sque in sports, as regular second baseman hit his first home run of the year. here is kim coyle with the highlights. >> good morning everyone. less than 24 hours after hitting a grand slam in his major league debut, brandon crawford was back on the bench. bottom of the 9th, bases loaded 1 out brewers execute the suicide squeeze perfectly ryan brawn flies down the line to score the winning run milwaukee beat it is giants 3-2. >> ricky in the house, cvas take on the os. first homer of the season, and then brian had his first clean inning in two weeks to lock it down. as beat orioles 4-2. >> cal softball team 1 away from advancing to college world series, first homer of the
7:57 am
season,. french open, winning streak is up to 42 in a row after a 4 set win over del petro he is four wins from tieing a record of 46 matched winning streak. >> finally lionel messy scored his 53rd score of the season to lead barcelona to its third championship league title in the last four years. see you tonight at 5:30. look at the smoke now. >> that was in l.a. donors stadium a small fire in the stadium storage area producing that smoke you can see the plumes covering the upper deck on the first base side it happened when the marlins lead the dodgers, firefighter put it out quickly no injuries reported. we will be right back ,,,,,,
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to close sta >> balancing california's budget the snag in the governor's money saving plans to close state parks. >> rebuilding joplin missouri in the middle of all the wreckage the sweet sign of hope. >> scouts carriologien a patriotic tradition -- carrying on a patriotic tradition.
8:01 am
>> plus a new website serving the stories of the men and women in our armed forces. one minute also 6:00 a.m. i am ann -- one minute after 8:00 a.m. i am ann makovec. the weather is shaping up to be drier than yesterday. it is gone now moving off to the east, we will look for this trend lotos of blue sky to continue through the day. as breezy and cool conditions prevail. your complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks jim. new this morning a violent weekend in san jose as policeinvestigate their 22nd murder of the year. last night they found a 35-year- old woman dead on ambler way she had been shot 30 minutes later a 20-year-old man arrived at a hospital who said he also had been shot in the same area, where police found the woman. police are interviewing him now to find out if those two
8:02 am
shootings were connected. also new this morning hayward police searching for a nursing student who didn't make it back to class this is michelle lee she is 26 years old and enrolled in a nursing course at kaiser hospital in hayward. some fellow students said she mentioned a plan the drive to reno after class, during the break she left the room and never came back. officers say her car did leave the hospital parking lot, and that it was found a few blocks away she is not answering her phone and has been missing all weekend. a change in the bay bridge now in effect it started last night as drivers come off the bridge in the eastbound direction they are using a new 1,000-foot section of roadway, that does require drivers to jog slightly right, just as they hit land in oakland. cal trans put. >> announcer: mission on bay we have a link on
8:03 am
they are not planning to shut down the bridge or slow traffic but some eastbound lanes are being shut down tonight from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning that shift part of an effort to shift the section of the nourice earn span. crews can work more easily between the existing bridge and new bridge. today president obama is headed to joplin missouri the site of that deadly tornado one week ago. he will speak at a memorial service today. the town city manager said 139 people are now con firmed dead it injured more than 900 along the devastated streets people are moving forward one couple went ahead with plans to marry yesterday. >> i think it is just everybody is ready to do something happy you know, we had half the people helping us out in the church lost their houses my sister her brother a bunch of the people in the wedding
8:04 am
everybody wanted to do it. >> local clergy and governor of missouri are working together to organize the service where mr. obama will speak today. >> checking bay area headlines a bittersweet commencement at san jose state two honor students murdered earlier this month received post hue mouse degrees also scholarships have been set up to honor 25-year- old cindy and 26-year-old kyle williams who you see there they were killed inside a university parking garage may 10th by the woman's husband who then shot and killed himself. 52 drivers were cited overnight for suspension of driving under the influence compared to 58 last year. a check point in novado in memory of a little girl killed by a drunk driver netted two
8:05 am
arrests. a new program launched this week allowing container ships to shut down their diesel burning engines while docked and plug into cleaner burning electrical power the switch to shore line power will eliminate thousands of pounds of toxic emissions each year. >> tackling california's budget short fall, closing state parks may have hit a real snag the federal government says they cannot close 16 parks on the list because federal funds were ear marked to keep them open. one of those is candlestick point in san francisco. >> we already need an outlet to go to this is close to home, a beautiful site you know a lot of people would be hurt by that. >> if the state closes the parks national park service could declare california ineligible for future parks
8:06 am
grants. >> conflicting reports what caused a delta jet to catch fire. scary moments yesterday. flames and black smoke spewing from delta flight 2284, flying from pittsburgh to atlanta yesterday. four of the 49 passengers onboard were injured. >> the situation and i think the fire broke out they opened the doors and we all went down the emergency chute. delta claims an over heated brake caused the fire faa things a tire blew during land -- thinks a tire blew during landing. >> for some people it is not just gas but food becoming increasingly unaffordable but the newly opened fairfax community church food pantry is hoping to change that. since opening two weeks ago the number of people coming in as doubled. >> a lot of people who find themselves at pantries who never thought they would be at a pantry. >> that pantry community church
8:07 am
opened 10:00 a.m. every saturday until the food runs out the food bank hopes to open three more food pantries in marin county this year using volunteers and donated space. >> back to the weather now and i have to give jim a little bit of grief because i was concerned about the rain yesterday he as sured us it would be fine and suddenly, i didn't have an umbrella we are out walking around he is sorry. he is sorry. >> and indeed, i was sitting there watching the weather come across the bay going no. no. >> you got caught in it too >> i did and got just as wet as everybody else. ruined my hair. let's take a lookout side blue skies prevailing, no cloud to mar your sunday afternoon tomorrow much like this we will look for breezy and cool conditions to prevail throughout bay for the next couple days all the rest of the details coming your way in just a few minutes. >> also coming up gop presidential field taking shape
8:08 am
one of the republicans already campaigning set to formerly announce the candidacy in the next few days. >> bay area scouts taking part in an annual tradition we will be right back ,, we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded.
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11 minutes after 8:00 a.m., looks like some decency on tap. >> continuing cool but dryer than what we saw yesterday. light shower activity cruise through the bay at 5:00 p.m. last night. a quarter inch of drizzle right at the immediate bay the rest of the area picked up a few hundreds of an inch of rain including liver more i think had 100th or so. looks like a lovely start to the day as we see mostly clear conditions prevailing we will hang on to sunshine however cool temperatures will prevail
8:12 am
winds will pick up out of the north a bit of an offshore breeze here, this afternoon slightly warmer, nothing dramatic, putting us mid-low 70s for the warmer locations cooling into the upper 60s back in the day at the beach upper 50s. low 60s. breedsy northerly wind -- breezy, northerly winds, weak front across the area. stayed to the north as expected for the most part until late in the day a puddle of moisture pool up right through the golden gate and across the immediate bay area as i mentioned left a quarter inch of drizzle in its wake that is all gone moving out of the sierra where it left a bit of snow, including chains required i-80, leaving us now today, sunny, dry, cool conditions gusty winds out of the north, 15 to 25-mile an hour range that will settle down, a bit tomorrow but still going to hang on to temperatures 10 degrees below where they ought to be for this time of year as i mentioned showers moving out of the high country this morning, they will clear
8:13 am
outlook for sunny skies, lows, into the teens, once again, as we will see, warmer air move in, for the rest of the week taking a look at the 5 day forecast, we warm slightly here today, into tomorrow and then look what happens mid-week, disturbance, cooler temperatures, light shower activity moves back into the area drying out for the weekend but at this point it isiffy for the rest of your memorial day festivities looks like dry and cool conditions, to prevail. i promise ann. that is what is headed your way. >> we will hold you to it this time. san bruno honouring those who died in the line of duty thousands of scouts stand out across the golden gate national cemetery to place american flags on each of the 138,000 graves. >> we are just showing how much we care and what they have done
8:14 am
for our country isn't just looked upon and looked away, i mean they are true heros to us. >> what a well spoken young lady. 2500 girl could you tells, boy could you tells -- scouts, -- girl scouts, boy scouts, cub scouts did this. now another tradition with new technology, recording the stories and legacies of the men and women in uniform, there is now a website that does that, it is also serving as a digital meeting place connecting service members to each other with more on together we, colonel brendan curry thank you for joining us and your service to our country. >> pleasure ann. >> tell us about together we >> it is a military heritage website in existence almost 8 years, it was founded -- it precedes facebook and linked in and is specifically suited for
8:15 am
the veteran a private website you have to have veteran status or be a family member of a veteran to join. >> we are looking at clips from the site now. what was the need this is filling? >> like most career patterns, we go ahead and get jobs and we get to know our friends and the people you work with s most likely you stay in the same area you go ahead and have grown up in or spent your adult life in military is entirely the opposite of that you will go ahead and like in my case i moved 21 times with my family. >> wow. >> literally our friend it is people we served with, families we served with, are spread all over the world so what this website does facilitates our ability to reach out and reconnect. >> especially once you retire, you are not in contact with people who have had the same experiences you have had i can imagine that would be difficult
8:16 am
because experiences you have gone through are intense. >> they are that is probably one of the reasons i get to come down and see you guys to explain this. >> it is a heck of a lifestyle. >> so to tell me the importance of connecting with others that have dealt with the kind of things you have. >> the challenges for the families, challenges for the veterans themselves are extremely diverse, and i think particularly in this day and age, where we are still fighting a series of wars this allows reconnection in the sense not only with the people you served with but also allows younger service personnel an opportunity to reach out via the web and connect with veterans of previous conflictthe family members i think it helps us all get through the challenges of that particular lifestyle >> we are looking at your pictures from all of the places that you have served over the years, when you look at these pick which ares, and on memorial day, you know what do you make
8:17 am
of that? your life is very different you are living in santa rosa enjoying retirement, what do you see when you look at these? >> they bring back a lot of very very warm memories some of those pictures were in one case i was at the u.s. military cemetery in manila the largest u.s. military cemetery in the world, memorial day six years ago putting a wreath there another case i was in annecy france doing the same thing to commemorate u.s. military personnel in the southern alps of france that died in world war ii. memories come back, tremendous appreciation for what preceding generations did and it was an honor then and is now in some respects to act as a spokesperson for them to go ahead and promote i think our country's appreciation of what they did. because it really is a significant contribution to this country. >> it is huge. huge. obviously but when you thing
8:18 am
memorial day a lot of people are thinking unofficial start to summer and barbecues how do we bring this sort of grandiose -- you know what i am talking about, of the actual holiday and why it was created to everybody especially today's generation that isn't necessarily connected to that. >> an appreciation of history and veterans currently alive right now and are available to talk about their own experiences, sit down, men and women to write about them which we encourage in together we serve but i think it really is, our hopes for those of us who served, is that this generation now and future generations will have a complete understanding of what it is that causes this country to go into conflict. it is one thing when you have to go and fight it is another when you have to go and fight for another when you shouldn't have to. our hope is the historical
8:19 am
perspective will come on loud and clear and inspire other generations to become fully aware of what happened. >> thank you for joining us together we we will have a link to that site on also you can check it out on our facebook page. >> no clarity yet about sarah palin's intentions we don't know if she is running for president but we do know she is on a tour that has a stop in new hampshire. >> checking in on governor brown our political insider sounding off on his capital work so far. we will be right back navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold."
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[ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. plans to formally announce his candidacy next week in new hampshire. >> mitt romney plans to formally announce his candidacy in new hampshire. sarah palin kicking off her one nation kilometres an hour today, looks a lot -- nation
8:22 am
tour today, looks like a lot like someone running. in state politics governor brown continues to make waves in sacramento. for more, phil matier joining us with former mayor willie brown and san francisco reporter joe. >> hold that thought gentlemen we are back on good morning. hold on. [ overlapping voices ] >> joining us for a little special sit down, joe from the san francisco chronicle he covers media, politicformer mayor and speaker willie brown he is politics, gerry brown a lot of people have been asking how is he doing so far your evaluation? >> incomplete, too early to talk about him because he has been totally stuck in trying to do a budget, trying to get something on the ballot he has not succeeded, but it is too early to count him out. >> i agree he talked about
8:23 am
energy plans and solar energy and all this stuff he hasn't gotten into that stuff because he has been so mired in budgets. >> the whole crowd he lived with up there, basically is what was left. >> i am going to take a step back gerry is methodically stepping out on the commission appointment, they tend to be democrats, he is not doing bipartisan stuffer fold did. >> but that is gerry that is why he is having trouble trying to move republicans to get to point 2 where he would like to have them be what is really interesting to know of gerry as of late he talks about i made a commitment any time there is going to be an increase it had to go in texas. >> right. >> he is now saying only in my lifetime. >> thank you. >> he is saying you can improve it and then we will take it to the voters. >> you think that give the mood
8:24 am
of the state and the -- we always said the term limitway the districts are cut you can't get cross over votes for a budget do you buy that? >> the big hope now is redisstricting the you change the shape of the district. the public actually for the first time has an opportunity to participate sounds like boring stuff but it is important. >> how will it effect the bay area. since the population shift is moving south into the valley i understand the bay area could lose seats. >> the bay area could lose power. >> with these new lines. >> absolutely and the people drawing the lines you in longer have the ghost of will burton having any influence on how the lines are drawn. we were very artful in san francisco for example, always answering the power. >> no kidding you had one district it took three bridges a ferry and an airplane you carved it up.
8:25 am
>> right. >> and burton represented the other half you won't have that happen any more in addition there, too, not only do you have reline drawing but open primary. >> right. >> you no longer have necessarily. >> i have noticed in the the redistricting latinos are organized, asian community organized the african american community is not very organized. >> they are. >> they are getting hosed. >> it is organized but the other two got together and the redistricting commissioners themselves are giving more credence to what is being said by that coalition of representatives on the ethnic side without black folk and black folk are in the position where they may lose some of the meagre political power they -- >> in l.a. they could get -- >> speaking of political power, did the bay area lose political pow instruct her did we see -- power, did we see ourselves
8:26 am
lose political power. >> we have always been able to maintain dominance because we have always been able the produce the leader. karata, john burton. >> gerry brown. >> willie brown. >> feinstein. >> boxer. >> america's most wanted. >> statewide currently by the way. >> final question, these lines are going to be drawn, they first come out before the budget comes will it effect getting republicans to cross over only a couple seconds. >> absolutely. >> i am committed absolutely. >> only if the lines reflect the need to persuade people in certain areas if the lines reflect what i think they are going to do they are going to enhance republicans to stay real republicans. >> we will look at that when it happens i want to thank you both for stopping by back to you ann. >> we will add a link to joe's political blog on we will be right back ,,,,
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